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#1 - 2013/04/23 09:45:00 AM
Hey guys,

just started raiding (LFR only, social guild). I have a question regarding this priciple. I just gathered my first 90 Lesser Charms of Good Fortune and got 3 Mogu Runes of Fate. If I understand it correctly then If a loot is available for me I can roll again spending 1 Rune. Here comes the question:

Do I see what I roll for? Is there like Window that says - this item dropped, you lost but can roll again or is it just blind roll without knowing what dropped?

Thank you for the answer, hope this is the right spot to ask.

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#9 - 2013/04/25 01:21:00 PM
The drop is an item that is flagged as suitable for your spec and that can drop from that boss. In Throne of Thunder, this includes shared loot items (generally weapons) that have a low chance of dropping from any boss. I think the drop chance is relative to the actual drop rates, so some drops may be more common than others.

You can also check the Dungeon Journal entry for each boss, go to the loot tab, and enable the spec filter of your class, so you'll have a more accurate idea of which items you'd be eligible for on each of them (and it'll be very useful as well when off-spec loot arrives in Patch 5.3!).