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#1 - 2013/08/17 09:32:00 PM
With the introduction of the Flex Raid system in 5.4 I personally think it is time that remove LFR is removed from the game - or atleast altered in a way I am about to describe.
Why you ask me?

1. It is not enjoyable, it is easier than dungeon bosses, just random pressing your buttons and jumping around, wasting your time.

2. People don't take it seriously, normally about 50% of the group is afk or desktop while auto attacking on encounters.

3. This is by far the worst cause of the LFR: If you want any chance in normal raids you are FORCED to do LFR every lockout to optimize your gear in order to join normal raid, whether pug or raiding guild - otherwise your ilvl is too low for anyone to want you, sadly.

I understand that LFR was meant for people with no time for normal raiding to get a look at the content and get some minor raiding experience - however it is ruining the game for everybody else!
That is why - in case LFR is NOT to be removed - it should be altered so that you will NOT get the ridiculously high ilvl drops from the ridiculously easy encounters.
If the drops from the LFR bosses were to be - I'd say the same level drops as dungeon bosses - or even lower - the problem with LFR would be solved!

No normal raiders are forced to spend hours and hours in LFR hoping to get gear and players who "enjoy" LFR - if these rly do exist???? - will still "enjoy" LFR - just without the insane gear rewards - they get their raiding experience and their looks on encounters!

What do you think out there? - Remove LFR - OR nerf the gear ilvl significantly so it is not worth taking for raiders, but only for "fun" to experience the encounters.

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#9 - 2013/08/18 06:33:00 AM
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