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#1 - 2012/12/06 10:35:00 AM
dear all,

please stop whining cause you're unlucky with the RANDOM loot

your luck will change..

and please take in account the follwing things:

1. LFR loot is random and not guaranteed.. yes, you may get lucky and get an upgrade..but the more upgrades you had, the lower the chance the few missing items will drop and you WILL get duplicate items!
2. elder charms are NO GUARANTEE for loot! it's just a second roll.. so see point 1
3. LFR gear is NOT needed for progression in normals!
4. if you keep being unlucky, you just have to suck it up like everyone else and try again next reset

if you'r just so incredibly unlucky.. maybe try some dailies.. loads of factions sell epic 489 items at revered, so you don't even need to be exalted and the way to revered is extremely fast (less than a week normaly)

so please all stop qq'ing about how broken the system is, just cause YOU are 1 unlucky individual.

i understand some people are more lucky with drops than others.. but that's why it's called RANDOM!

so please all get over yourselves and suck it up till next reset.. i know it can be frustrating.. but eventually you'll get lucky!

so all please stop spamming the forums by creating your own seperate topics..

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#12 - 2012/12/06 04:37:00 PM
That's basically what all the whiners are saying.

At the risk of sounding "old" but I remember years ago; if you were pugging current content raids, you were lucky if the group could even kill the boss. Never mind also getting loot.

Perhaps what's happening is that some players are having the illusion that because the roll is happening, something must drop eventually (eventually being, more often than not). But, if I may, I'd suggest you guys note down how many drops (for your character) do you encounter in your guild raids of a given week and how much competition you have going on for them.

When you factor those things in, does LFR really feel *that* different to the speed at which you gear up when you're competing against others in your guild? I'm just curious :-)