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#1 - 2016/05/30 08:33:00 PM
I ask for it becouse %80 of players in beta don't even care how balanced pvp right now or how it will be on lauch. Lots of them (pvpers) playing beta for 1 shot people or survive against whole enemy team and kill them all alone.

İ want to test all classes/specs and give you guys good feedbacks but if you don't do anything soon about tank specs not gonna be able to do that.

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#3 - 2016/06/02 10:17:00 AM
02/06/2016 10:58Posted by Nimzana
Devs has said that next build will make changes so tanks wont 1 shot people in PvP

This is correct. The next build has a number of changes that should reel-in tank power in PvP, most notably Protection Paladins.