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#1 - 2016/06/03 06:45:00 PM
Related to this US post for the beta:

I'm also suffering at times. Its mainly when the terrain becomes incredibly luminescent and i'm questing there for prolonged times.

One of the places was after you completed the quests Azurewing Post and start some quests for Nar'thalas Academy in Azuna (was probably the worst zone). I can't really remember some other places.

There is was bright blue/purple, so looking for anything glowing around that (quest objectives/treasures) was a pain.

I think its any place with a lot of luminescent crystals, which seems to be a lot of caves also. A lot of mobs (elemental/rock ones can be quite bright too). In caves against dark backdrops it can be a bit of a pain also.

There are some places where the green fel glow can be a problem but its not as bad. Same for class hall for priest in some places.

In Suramar/arcway quite a few of the boss abilities were bright also and were causing me a bit of a problem.


Its not something that I can't deal with, I have dealt with some games giving me motion sickness that included headaches but it might help in finding out what might be giving the players on that thread problems.

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#13 - 2016/06/10 06:02:00 PM
Thanks for making this thread, I just wanted to post here to let you know that we're reading comments on the main thread and here.

As we make improvements to reduce this problem or have additional testing requests to narrow down the trigger we'll be sure to post in both places.


Hello everyone,

We'd like to thank all those who have brought this issue to our attention. We take these kinds of reports very seriously and want to make playing World of Warcraft accessible and comfortable for everybody.

We’ve been having difficulty in reproducing this internally and our QA team could use your help in narrowing this down more for us. Hopefully, we’ll be able to identify a common thread that's causing this so that we can address it quickly.

First, just to be sure this is actually related to a change in Legion, please double check to make sure that you're not experiencing any of these problems on the retail version of the game, using the same PC, Monitors, keyboard, etc.

Assuming that it's only specific to Legion, try the following scenarios:
Movement only - For approximately 30 minutes, run or ride around Legion zones without entering combat. Attempt this while either mounted or unmounted for the full duration. There were some minor updates to the way the camera follows your character, and it's possible that this is enough to trigger some problems.
Melee animations - For approximately 30 minutes, fight enemy creatures using one or more melee specializations. Limit movement and don't use charge abilities. While not the most exciting method, it might be a good idea to limit this to just attacking a target dummy. We’ve added a lot of new melee attack animations to most of the melee specializations including some hit flashes.
Lighting Effects: This one is a bit harder to test. As a control, if you’re using Anti-aliasing try setting it to MSAA (as opposed to FXAA/CMAA) and try disabling some of the lighting effects by typing this in: /console FFXglow 0
If none of the above tests cause the problem, but you do get it during normal play in Legion, please post your Class + Spec + Talent choices so we can look for trends from that information.

Please post any results (positive or negative) for the above scenarios in this thread so we can keep an eye on any patterns. It’s important that those who work on testing these issues do so carefully. We want to resolve this issue but also don’t want you to push yourself beyond what’s healthy.

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#23 - 2016/06/22 07:59:00 PM
Copying this over from the US forums:

Hey all,

First off, we wanted to thank you for continuing to participate in this thread. The information and discussions in this thread has been invaluable, especially from those of you who were able to narrow down what was triggering this problem for you (and what fixes helped/didn’t help).

I wanted to start by going over what action we’ve taken so far:

Glow Effects:
• This was brought up a few times in this thread as potentially being one of the causes. The FFXglow system has been in the game for a long time so it’s hard to pinpoint if this was actually one of the triggers. That said, starting in the next build (not the one being pushed today) you’ll notice some of the areas with particularly high glow have been reduced. Examples include Suramar City, the Shaman Order Hall, areas with a large amount of Fel (Broken Shore, Mardum, etc) and some other minor areas on the Broken Isles.

• A pass was made to equalize the audio on hits and attacks, reducing the volume where it was noticeably loud. Sound can be a big distraction if it’s too loud or timed poorly and can amplify other problems.

• We have noticed that some multi-passenger mounts and other vehicles animate the camera more than they should. Some cases such as the Sandstone Drake have been fixed, but please let us know if you notice any others.
• We Also received some reports from players that despite turning off ActionCam, it still felt like some of the effects might have been active. We made some addition changes so that if you disable it ( /console ActionCam off) it is completely off. (By default ActionCam is still disabled).

And here are some things still on our radar:

Motion Sickness while mounted on a passenger mount:
• As mentioned above we made changes to the Sandstone drake (for example), if you notice other examples let us know. These might need to be fixed on a one-by-one basis, so we’d have to track down specific mounts/vehicles.

Lightning Effects:
• Separate from “glow” effects, we’ve noticed that lightning spell/environment effects might be too bright. A good example of this is the champion Akama from the Demon Hunter Order Hall. We’re going to see what we can do about this globally, as there a lot of one-off areas that exhibit this behavior.

• Reports about the weather causing problems has popped up a few time. So far we haven’t seen any differences in the weather system when compared to retail 6.2.4. The rain density looks the same, although the above mentioned lightning effects might be the real cause here. We’ll keep investigating, something else could be amplifying this as well.

Additional Camera Work:
• We’ve noticed the camera seems to adjust itself more based on the usage of some abilities or even when you’re not moving. We’re investigating into whether this can either be blended better (so it’s less sudden) or have the amount of movement reduced.

MSAA (as opposed to FXAA/CMAA)
• We haven’t made any changes here, but please continue to see if changing your Anti-Aliasing to MSAA instead of FXAA or CMAA to see if it helps.

What you can do:
Some of our changes are in the build going out today, and a few more will be in the next one. Please continue to test and report these issues as you encounter them. Videos are great because they let us see things exactly the way you do but even just information like location, class, and nearby creatures or spells could be helpful.

And if you find out solutions or workarounds for these problems, make sure to keep sharing them in this thread. Knowing what worked for you and what didn’t is a big help when it comes to tracking this all down.

Thanks for testing, you’re doing everybody a great help by sticking with this. As before we want to make sure you’re testing these issues carefully; don’t push yourself beyond what’s healthy.