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#1 - 2011/01/05 07:43:00 PM
For a second time in a row everyone in my group gets this achievement while I don't. Today I even asked all trigger-happy DPS to wait and pulled Vanessa by myself. Those guys around me who needed the achievement got it, while I didn't and my counter was continuing ticking. Anyone experienced the same bug? I raised a ticket and now wait for answer from GM.

I post this information here since I didn't find the bug report forum. If it's of any help - I play with German client on English realm (don't ask me why).

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#8 - 2011/01/23 05:40:00 PM
07/01/2011 2:16 AMPosted by Tyromen
Managed to get tonight completely randomly in a LFD group.

Only thing different was I deleted my cache and I didn't actually pull. Not sure if it got hotfixed in with the other Deadmines changes or if that worked but thanks anyway for the suggestion and good luck with it Palados.

Glad to hear it was resolved; the best thing to do in these situations is to just try it again, we will most likely not be able to grant these achievements, sorry.