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#1 - 2015/07/01 09:19:00 AM
Did 3 wins on my Alliance Warrior and no loot. Then had heard from US that it was 5 wins, so did 5 wins and still no loot.

So basically don't waste your time like I did!

Alliance Warrior:

Ashran loot is working though - the quest that requires 4 bonus objectives and the other factions boss is 100% chance at epic gear.

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#19 - 2015/07/02 08:32:00 AM
01/07/2015 20:29Posted by Panzerfâust
The intention, as Trill quoted above, is that winning three Rated BG's awards a Strongbox with a guaranteed item in it. That system is currently not working, and so the Strongboxes aren't being awarded.

We're currently chasing down what is causing the issue, so we can fix it. Unfortunately, we will most likely not be able to retroactively award Strongboxes as part of this fix. We'll provide an update once we've traced down the issue and sorted out a fix.

Just blue-tagging for visibility.
Sorry this is happening guys, devs are working on it!