Regional FlagNothing is done about PVP Hacks/Bots?Source
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#1 - 2015/11/02 10:43:00 PM
Or are you going to continue to allow it and break pvp for good?

There is too much Bots which is basically hacking/cheating. No one has a 0.0002 reaction speed, except for bots. Yet you don't do anything about it.

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#8 - 2015/11/03 05:11:00 PM
If you witness any form of exploitation, then the best thing to do is to report the matter. This can be done by either:

    Using the in-game reporting system (this is the most effective way as the automated reports include any relevant context)


    Sending the relevant details to our Hacks team at (Note: VODs, video footage etc can help greatly here).

You won't receive a response in either case, but this does not mean the reports are ignored. All reports are collated and looked into thoroughly. Any evidence found in the course of the investigation may also be used to formulate methods to detect and remove other players who are also using the same exploitation methods, the outcome is in the form of ban waves such as the one performed earlier this year.

Where possible, we will try to communicate these ban waves with the community but there may be some smaller ban waves that do not receive a public announcement. We don’t always want to share details about our detection methods, as it could help bot developers to refine their scripts to avoid detection.

Please also keep in mind that you might not see immediate action being taken once you have sent a report. When it comes to potentially issuing any other form of punishment for PvP exploitation, we want to make sure we have as much evidence as possible before bringing down the hammer.

I've also taken onboard the constructive suggestions for how the reporting functionality could be improved in-game. Thanks for the feedback!