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#1 - 2010/12/11 11:49:00 PM
This is by no means a rant, more of a suggestion, and before you say "you should have rolled on a PvE server", please read up. I've always played on a PvP server since I like the aspect of a fight whenever and wherever, I have no problems with being killed once maybe twice by the same person it is expected after all, but one thing that goes against this is ganking, it's by no means fun to be on the receiving end and in some ways there are too many disadvantages to being ganked such as ress timers, removal of buffs/pets (weakens us before we can retaliate) etc, so I have a few proposals as to how to resolve this issue:

1. Remove the ress wait timer so that we can ress straight away and not have to wait up to 2 minutes if we are being constantly targeted. (only applicable to PvP kills)
2. Sustain buffs through death (only PvP applicable)
3. Better yet place some sort of protection if repeatedly killed by the same person, so instead of a ress wait timer there is a "can't attack player for x minutes" debuff on the ganker themselves.

I do enjoy a PvP world, but there is a limit to being ganked several times over, so would be nice to see some effects that discourage players from doing this to others. I've found this a particular problem on Cata since the advancement in gear means I'm often being ganked by someone with 3 times my health (if not more). Feel free to give som constructive critical feedback if you agree/disagree.

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#4 - 2012/07/20 08:16:00 AM
Some great thoughts here :)

On the topic of ganking though, it's a tough one to handle. Many players join a PvP server so that they can seek out and inflict revenge on members of the opposite faction. You see players wishing for more world PvP like the old Southshore/Tarren Mill conflicts, and maybe some of the things you suggest would harm those kind of battles.

I'll play devil's advocate here (in my PvP server days I was always the victim rather than the ganker).

If buffs are sustained through death, that takes away some of the challenge of finding the person very quickly once they ress. Mind you, buffs can often be applied very quickly.

A debuff to prevent you from killing someone multiple times is a bit of a party pooper, and could potentially be abused — you'd have a hostile that was invulnerable for a limited time.

I think any PvP-kills-only debuffs/changes to timers could potentially add confusing layers of complexity to the game. Also, 'PvP-kills-only' could be possibly be avoided by waiting until a mob was attacking the gankee, then allowing the mob to get the killing blow.

You'd also have to make sure all these buffs/timers didn't apply to PvP zones like Wintergrasp and battlegrounds, and that players can't enter the zones with anything like that active.