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#0 - 2009/07/23 08:43:21 PM
Coming from someone whos main is a hunter i find this quote to be very priceless...

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But, we can’t just buff Arcane Shot (unless it is very deep in Beast Mastery) because Survival and Marks use that too.

Was that a comment out of honest ignorance (You dont play hunters enough), or was it a mistake or typo?

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#53 - 2009/07/23 09:56:22 PM
Your missing the point. Arcane shot is a core ability available to all three specializations. Because all three trees use it we can't just improve the ability for sake of beast mastery alone unless we placed it deep down the tree. That's what GC is stating.

And yes, there are plenty of survival hunters that use or have used arcane shot.

Do level 80 survival hunters use arcane shot? Probably not.