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#1 - 2014/05/15 09:06:00 AM
Can anyone explain to me the reasoning behind Blizzard's actions when it comes to nerfing certain abilities/classes when they are too good? When does an ability/class need a nerf?

The reason I ask this is the planned nerf on rogue (Burst of Speed, check mmochamp). Don't get me wrong, I'm actually quite fine with those changes. I agree that BoS is too much mobility at a too low cost. This is not even about the BoS nerf specifically.

I simply don't understand why Blizzard is putting so much effort into nerfing rogues in this case, whereas other classes, warriors for instance, have dominated the PVP ladders for two seasons straight now with hardly any changes? Yes, I take warriors as example just because they're the perfect example, deal with it.

Look at the rankings now and the rankings of last season. Last season warriors at some point had a representation of ~180 in the top 1000 in 3s - versus about,what, 50 rogues? Even now there are almost two times as much warriors than rogues (117 vs 67). Agreed, rogues are doing better than last season, probably because they scale so well with gear.

Despite the nerf to Disrupting shout warriors are still represented well over any other class/spec. And yet, Blizzard assigns a higher prio to nerfing rogue's BoS instead of finally fixing warriors. Why are warriors apparently FINE at the moment whereas rogues are apparently too good according to Blizzard? Can anyone explain?

And while I mentioned BoS.. maybe it is this very talent that makes rogues so terribly good (??) right now. Without it, it's back to Shadowstepping every 20 seconds, while just sitting roots and snares in the meanwhile. Compare that to the movement other melees have, and tell me it is justified that rogues should only have shadowstep.

Your thoughts?

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#3 - 2014/05/15 10:00:00 AM
Hi Fermeknaap,

I hope you'll be happy to know that this time there wasn't actually any real nerf, just a tooltip bug.

As always, everyone should take any info that is based on datamined data with a grain of salt: