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#1 - 2016/07/25 01:03:00 PM
As we prepare for a new chapter in Azeroth’s story, we thought it was an auspicious time debut an all-new World of Warcraft site. Consider it your future home for all things WoW, with an all-new home page, game section, new player and returning player guides, and much more.

Like with any new undertaking, this site is a work in progress and we’ll be updating it regularly with a variety of features, including updated player profiles, PvP Ladder information, and more.

Once the new site goes live on July 26, you’ll also want to check out the updated forums, which can be accessed by clicking Forums at the top of the page. We’ve put a new coat of paint on things and tidied up a bit to give the forums a cleaner look. The following changes will be made:

    • The Quest, Achievements and Dungeons and Raids forums will be merged into one forum called PvE Discussions.

    • The Arena and Rated Battlegrounds and Battlegrounds and World PvP forums will be merged into one forum called PvP Discussions.

    • The Garrisons forum will be removed.

    • The Events and Fan Creations forum will be renamed to Life of the WoW Community.

    • The New Player Help and Guides forum will be renamed to New/Returning Player Questions & Guides.

    • The Gaming, Entertainment, and Science forum will be removed.

    • The Raid and Guild Leadership forum will be removed.

Any posts in the forums that are being removed will be lost. Please be sure to save any threads you wish to keep from these removed forums by 1st August 2016.

Posts in merged or unchanged forums will remain unaffected, so no packing for the move will be necessary.

Check out the blog for images to get an idea of how the site will look on the desktop and on mobile.