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#1 - 2016/07/18 06:06:00 PM
In the patch tomorrow, with the removal of honor points, will the 2k-honor-per war mounts still be available for those who haven't obtained them yet? What about all of the past xmog that was for honor points? Will that all be replaced with the new currency or will everything, including the appearances, become legacy?

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#7 - 2016/07/18 06:49:00 PM
This is correct. The "Black War..." series of mounts are being converted to the Marks of Honor currency with the pre-patch tomorrow.

You have a chance at receiving Marks of Honor with a victory in a Battleground or Arena, with the chance also being there to receive multiple Marks per match. Note that I say chance in both of these cases, as they are not guaranteed on victory, unlike the new "Crate of Battlefield Goods".

There doesn't look to be a level-restriction on when you can start gaining Marks on Honor, so players would also be able to gain these as they do Battlegrounds as they level.

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#15 - 2016/07/18 07:01:00 PM
<span class="truncated">...</span>Since we went from a guaranteed amount of points (somewhat) to a non-guaranteed amount, are we looking at an equal amount of time to gain the rewards? Or longer / shorter?
It will take longer than it currently does to get old gear for transmog / collection purposes.

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#18 - 2016/07/18 07:08:00 PM
07/18/2016 12:03 PMPosted by Skul

Not stating this as the purpose of the system as I'm not sure, but this seems to be accurate.

Ok, good to have an idea on it. Thanks!

Edit on that: checking the vendors on Beta, most of the costs are uniform across all PvP gear from each expansion. Jumped the gun looking at the mounts and Grand Marshal gear. :)

  • Weapons are between 2-5 Marks depending on slot
  • Chest is 3 Marks
  • Helm is 3 Marks
  • Gloves are 2 Marks
  • Pants are 3 Marks
  • Shoulders are 2 Marks
  • Boots are 2 Marks
  • Belts are 1 Mark
  • Bracers are 1 Mark