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#1 - 2016/06/29 04:42:00 PM
Following the ban on Mongery, I was surprised to see Twitter filled with uncharacteristically aggressive posts from Blizzard employees. We're talking about a kid who's approaching the lowest possible level of human behavior you can exhibit over a videogame. The kind a community wants viciously purged. And for once, it seemed Blizzard agreed.

Lore: "And nothing of value was lost that day" ~On Mongery being IP banned.

In this rare instance, Blizzard rather relentlessly and ruthlessly banned one of the most toxic individuals who plays World of Warcraft. Not only do they repeatedly ban new accounts he makes, they've IP banned him in an attempt to keep him from every getting on this game again.

Now my question. Why is this something that I've had to wait this long to see. I'm talking about the IP bans. I'm talking about actual, serious actions against repeat offenders who cheat.

Blizzard has stepped up on the bans for botting this expansion. I'll give them huge credit for that. The issue is that it's so incredibly easy to level 0-100 now and then get fully geared that a lot of players are repeatedly making new accounts following bans. People caught botting, piloting, getting piloted, etc. simply admit defeat on an account if they get caught and make a new one.

Why is this allowed? Why does someone have to go through 5-10 accounts where they repeatedly do the MOST toxic possible things that can be achieved in a game to have you guys (Blizzard) go to the point of an IP ban? So long as you allow players to instantly return provided they make a new account, this sort of action isn't going to stop.

I'm not suggesting immediate IP bans on all players or suggesting there aren't ways around this but it certainly makes a return markedly more difficult. Is this the sort of action you guys think is too drastic for repeat offenders in the RBG community for instance? I can think of several caught on stream multiple times fly hacking, lag capping, kickbotting etc. only to come back literally 4-5 times on new accounts.

When is Blizzard going to realize what they did to Mongery should be considered baseline for people who ruin this game for others as opposed to an absolute last resort? When will more serious measures be employed against people who think they can do this and just make new accounts?

Just imagine if in real life, you had armed bank robbers hit 5-10 banks, kill 3-4 people in the process and take a few million. Then when they finally got caught at the next bank, the only penalty was "now you have to give back all the money you stole". That's seriously what it feels like with our current policy against cheaters. Please, take some inspiration from this ban Blizzard and step the level of action you take up to a level closer to this on a consistent basis.

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#61 - 2016/07/01 12:34:00 AM
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