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#1 - 2016/05/31 08:58:00 AM
Yes, I know we don't really need another thread on this but as most of the threads are saying it's crap because the critics say so written by people who haven't seen it, this is a review from someone who saw the film yesterday. It was written for both my non-player & player Facebook friends:

It can't have been easy making a film with a beginning, middle & end, having a good plot and being interesting for non players but I think, on the whole, Duncan Jones nailed it. I am, however, a 10 year player of the game so it's hard to see it from an outsider's eyes. My comments below are, I hope, spoiler free.

The beginning was a bit slow as he had to set the scene and, personally, I found it difficult to understand what the orcs were saying particularly Blackhand. However this did get easier as the film went on. I was beginning to wonder if the film was going to move this slowly all the way through but, once it switched to the humans for the first time, things began to move a lot more quickly.

I became engrossed in the story, the characters and the settings. There were lots of little things that added so much to it such as the first view of Stormwind which was accompanied by the Stormwind music from WoW (probably my favourite music in the game). The game's characters came to life and the story was gripping so at no time did I look at my watch. I even had a small tear in my eye at the last big scene just before the end.

So, yes, I'm really glad I went to see it and came out happy that he'd made such a good job of it. I really hope he gets the chance to make the two sequels he was aiming for and, if he does, that they'll appear a little more quickly.
PS The censor's certificate says 'moderate fantasy violence'. If that was moderate, I'd hate to see anything worse.
PPS Sadly in the UK there's no free game code.

I was asked this as a response:
'One criticism I've seen levelled at it is that they took too many famous people from lore and tried stuffing them all on the screen, instead of focusing on a few and giving them more screen time. Would you say that's fair?'
to which I replied
'I'm hopeless on lore which may be a good thing. Umm ... there are *a lot* of characters but the film does concentrate on a few of them ... saying which would be spoilers I guess, but there are probably 7 or 8 who you get to know quite well though not as deeply as you might do in other films. It was more superficial characteristics than deep motivations.'

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31/05/2016 13:39Posted by Archronos
A bit curious, those of you who went to see the movie, were there people in cosplay? :P

There were a couple of people in cosplay at the screening I attended in London. :)