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#1 - 2016/05/12 01:46:00 PM

I am curious if we will be able to create premade lvl 110 characters for max level testing.

I understand that first of all you want to stress test the early leveling experience, but personally I do not want to spoil the leveling experience once Legion go live.

For testing and feedback, I mostly want to provide feedback for raiding and class feel at max level (including artifact weapon).

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#2 - 2016/05/12 02:01:00 PM
Right now the initial focus of the Beta test will be on stress testing the Legion starting experience, as well as collecting feedback regarding the levelling experience as a whole, so there will no level 110 premades to begin with. That is to say, a very real part of this test is how our content and servers handle this surge of people in a few locations. Even if there are issues, know that highlighting those issues now is very important and useful to Legion's development!

So if you crash the servers or break content in new and unique ways please take pride in that and we'll fix the issues as fast as we can. :)

Once the scope of testing shifts to other aspects of the expansion, then additional types of premades might be introduced to allow further focused testing.