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#1 - 2016/05/10 02:37:00 AM
Some things I noticed

-Horde NPCs kill legion way quicker than on the Ally side.
-Azgalor's hit box sucks. Shows a large hitbox, which makes sense around his huge body. But ended up having to stand almost under his feet to melee.
-When heading for Sylvanas, fireballs land on ground sometimes without ground effect warning, or LOOOONG after the ground effect. Timing it was quite annoying. Death multiple times.
-Opening cages to free prisoners should award more than a half% on progress bar.
-Horde leaders cleared all demons up to tower and did not have enough progress (Was only at 72%, even freeing all prisoners) to push next stage. NPCs stood in place inside tower. Had to leave and restart scenario.

We'll try again tomorrow :)

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#2 - 2016/05/10 02:45:00 AM
Thanks for the details!