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#1 - 2016/04/30 06:01:00 PM
After taking my flight from Dalaran to the scenario and final part of the Truthguard quest, all character sprites (NPC, Enemies, myself) 'Flicker' once entering the temple.

By flicker I mean they appear and disappear fairly rapidly. Adjusting camera angle does not change the effect of it happening.

The Health Bars/Cast bars remain, as do the Wind/Tornado animations when going through the temple and some of the frost animations from the caster add. All my video settings in one place.

I was able to complete the quest after 3 attempts (with some noted difficulty of not being able to see the mobs haha)

Quality Assurance
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#2 - 2016/04/30 08:29:00 PM
Checking it out now. Looks like two copies of the tomb are overlapping. Fixing this will require a new build.