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#0 - 2009/07/29 05:44:16 PM
Now with all the changes to racials and much research and reading from different reviews done, I am convinced that having a Human Rogue is slightly or considerably better than having a Night Elf one. I like to keep my options open for both PvE and PvP and I want to have the potential to reach the maximum offered by the Rogue class. You never know when you will switch mains.

Some might indicate that having another race would be a better choice, but I really do care for looks (so no Gnome or Dwarves please) and I want to keep this Rogue along with the rest of my alts and under the supervision of my main (so no Horde reroll suggestions please).

Assuming that leveling another Rogue would not be a bother, and that you have the experience and insight in playing this class, would you advice against removing this one and making a Human Rogue or would you do the same if you were in my shoes?

I apologize if there were other threads discussing the same matter. But I could not find any threads involving the complete deletion of an old character for the sake of a couple of racials. Looking forward to have a glimpse of your long experience and wisdom.

PS: Please excuse spelling or grammar mistakes. English is not my mother language.

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#65 - 2009/07/30 09:53:58 AM
Thread has derailed, hence the lock.

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