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#1 - 2016/04/20 01:29:00 AM
The drakuru quest in drak'tharon..... dude I have to walk way long enough to have a family by the time he and lk shut the hell up. please put in a way to just turn in that quest before dealing with that

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#7 - 2016/04/20 02:06:00 AM
04/19/2016 06:42 PMPosted by Aggravationn
ther is no reason why you cant change the turn in from the scripted guy to the brazier you click.

If you are looking for a change to how the game works you will want to submit a suggestion as the others have mentioned. I would encourage you not to use the term "Fix" as the quest is not broken, but provide feedback on what options you'd like to see available for the quest.

Good luck.


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