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#1 - 2016/04/16 12:32:00 AM
Should the changes to the Salvage Yards in 7.0 remove our ability to get the class-specific Transmog Gear?

From the WarcraftDevs twitter:

In 7.0, Salvage Yard will give a new crate. Pre-existing unopened crates will not be affected. We’re not THAT cruel.

To clarify, changes like this are being made so that you don't feel obligated to run Draenor missions in Legion.

Anyone else feeling blindsided by the sudden nerf to the Salvage Yards? I was completely okay with the nerfs to any missions that awarded gold, but I actually am offended that if I wanted to make an alt of a class I don't already have in order to obtain its Salvage Yard class-specific armor set, that choice is being forcibly taken away from me just because the developers want to disassociate us with our Draenor Garrison, likely so as not so confuse it with our Class Hall Garrison.

I don't see the point in hoarding boxes for the characters I already have, I just feel like this de-incentivizes me to want to play through the Garrison content at all on a future alt.

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#42 - 2016/04/16 03:17:00 AM
To clarify: we're going to make sure you can still get the transmog gear sets. The intention is NOT to remove that gear or make it otherwise inaccessible.