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#1 - 2016/04/07 12:30:00 AM
Please feel free to reply to this thread with feedback you have on this specialization in the most recent version of the Legion Alpha.

You'll find class designer notes on this build here.

This thread and subforum are for class feedback. We may not be attentive to other threads on this subject. Please confine discussion in this thread to issues related to this spec only.

Thank you!

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#2 - 2016/04/07 12:57:00 AM
Hey Frost Mages. One of the niches that Frost has excelled at for a while has been two-target damage, primarily due to Glyph of Splitting Ice. We want that to stay as one of Frost's strengths. It didn't make it in time for today's build, but in next build, you'll find Splitting Ice has returned as a talent, replacing Bitter Cold.

Please keep that in mind when giving feedback. Thanks!