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#1 - 2016/04/04 05:18:00 PM
Is the current level of hunter pet threat generation going to go live with Legion? because if it does, it'll seriously suck the fun out of being a hunter. as of right now no matter what spec I am, BM, MM or Survival pets do not generate threat or keep threat - one arrow or one attack is usually enough to send mobs running after me.

at least with survival it's kind of understandable since you're in melee range now but as marksman or BM the pet should be able to, if it's a tank type pet hold agro while you kill stuff with shots(MM) or commands(BM). it seems like this is a major step backwards to take away one of the key hallmarks of hunters and their relationship with pets.


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#2 - 2016/04/06 09:45:00 PM
No. This should be solved in the build-after-next, where Growl will cause a little* more threat.

(*) 20x what it was, to be precise.