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#1 - 2016/03/31 07:32:00 PM
I've kept every item I found so far, and some of those seem to have really weird secondary stats distributions/amounts. I'll just provide a random sample:

Manawracker Pants of the Quickblade (820):
INT: 981
STA: 1471
CRI: 333
HAS: 458
VER: 834
MAS: 709

Nazjatar Manapearl Ring of the Aurora (820):
STA: 828
HAS: 1055
VER: 1231
MAS: 997

Herringbone Drape of the Quickblade (820):
INT: 552
STA: 828
CRI: 187
VER: 685
MAS: 440

(Those latter two compared to a 820 [PH] Neck which should have the correct budget:
STA: 828
CRIT: 1313
MAS: 328)

There are also some items that seem to me have more stats than they should. I guess that Feet and Waist slot items still have the same budgets:

Crescent Vale Cord of the Peerless (waist, 820):
438 Crit
438 Mastery

Roggthread Slippers of the Impatien: (feet, 810):
1446 Haste
241 Versatility

Netherwhisper Mantle of the Fireflash:
1126 Crit
375 Haste
250 Versatility.

I could go on with this but it looks like its mostly happening on randomly generated items. So I hope this little sample size is enough to track down the bug.

Game Designer
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#3 - 2016/03/31 07:57:00 PM
This build contained the conversion of many items to fixed-stat (e.g. always has Crit/Mastery) instead of random stat. Unfortunately, items obtained before this patch that already had random stats on them will still have random stats on them, resulting in the items having twice as many secondary stats as they should. As we are not in sensitive number tuning territory right now this is not a terrible thing, but if you wish to be a responsible tester you should avoid using such items.

If you find bugs like this on items obtained after the most recent build went live, please let us know.