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#1 - 2016/03/22 03:48:00 PM
So from what I can tell is that you've just applied the old model skin to the new model skeleton. I look like old models, but i don't move how I used to.

I've got all the new casting animations, melee animations, standing, walking running animations as the new models. I've just got the old skin.

Is this intended? Because a large portion of people prefer the old animations for some classes / specializations, and there's virtually no reason to even select the toggle at this point.

We've got some like minded individuals on the PTR forums.

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#7 - 2016/03/30 11:28:00 PM
Both HD and SD models use the same animation rigs now. We've added a ton of new combat animations in Legion, and it's important that they work for both SD and HD.