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#1 - 2016/03/15 04:57:00 AM
I find it disturbing that WW monk is the only dps spec that does not have an AoE ability that can be used on demand.

I find it more disturbing that there is no talk about this.

Simply put SCK on live has a lot more utility than it does in alpha.
But you are changing that just because you want to make it part of our single target rotation so we have more buttons to press for our new mastery.

Problem is that is our ONLY base line spammable AoE.

This would be like making Blizzard require a FoF proc to work because it does so much damage it's used in the single target rotation.

Game Designer
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#5 - 2016/03/15 07:35:00 PM
Please post class feedback in the appropriate forum.