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#1 - 2016/03/10 02:56:00 PM
Can we talk mastery for a moment? if someone can correct me that would be great.. but from what im seeing this is the most boring mastery in the entire game. Its almost counter productive to itself especially with the artifact bonus. Demon spikes gives you Parry and Damage Reduction so youll be either completely blocking the damage with a parry or taking slightly less damage from a hit that makes it through and the mastery ONLY increases your damage reduction and nothing else for an ability that is honestly gunna make you parry more often then you get hit.. this is just so boring.

to me this is just lame i really dont enjoy their mastery at all. I would love if they would add something else to it or comepletely remove it and replace it.. i have a few suggestions as to what you could add to it to make it feel more fun and exciting.

some small ammount of Leech would feel not too bad and would fit the fantasy of the DH tank with their life steal style of game play

or Movement speed this would also fit the fantasy of a DH being able to move much quicker to their desired location

or something like a chance to proc(based on your mastery stat) some fire damage(based on your agility stat) on your auto attacks.

anything to make this mastery feel less boring and stale if anyone else has some suggestions or can tell me why the current state of the mastery is awesome.. im all ears.. but within my testing so far their mastery just seems to fall flat on its face.

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#3 - 2016/03/11 03:43:00 PM
Please post class feedback in the class feedback forum. Thank you.