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#1 - 2016/03/03 10:23:00 AM
In the upcoming Patch 6.2.4, we're moving to a new infrastructure. There are changes to many of the Lua APIs, including friends and chat. If you maintain an AddOn that makes use of those features, you may want to log in to the PTR and test that your AddOn still functions correctly. To help AddOn authors troubleshoot potential compatibility issues, we’ve highlighted a few of the big changes to help direct you to areas that may need your attention.

Support for conversations has been removed. This includes all C-functions (BNCreateConversation, BNGetConversationInfo, etc.) as well as all Lua/XML references to conversations.

The new architecture doesn’t have the concept of “Toons”. Instead, we refer to “GameAccounts”. As a result, many functions with “Toon” in the name now refer to “GameAccount”
BNGetToonInfo -> BNGetGameAccountInfo
BNGetFriendToonInfo -> BNGetFriendGameAccountInfo
BNGetNumFriendToons -> BNGetNumFriendGameAccounts

Presence IDs
Previously, “Presence IDs” could refer to either accounts or individual toons. Most functions were able to accept either type of presence ID and, when passed the wrong type, tried to guess at what you were trying to do.

Presence IDs have been replaced with bnetIDAccount and bnetIDGameAccount. With this change, we’ve made all functions strict about whether they accept Account IDs or Game Account IDs. In order to make this easier, all Lua variables have been updated to specify which type of ID they are.

You can translate from a bnetIDGameAccount to a bnetIDAccount as follows:
bnetIDAccount = select(17, BNGetGameAccountInfo(bnetIDGameAccount));
You can find a player’s active bnetIDGameAccount from a bnetIDAccount as follows:
bnetIDGameAccount = select(6, BNGetFriendInfoByID(bnetIDAccount));
Current Realm Name
The “realmName” CVar no longer exists. You can get the name of the current realm using GetRealmName().

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#217 - 2016/03/03 05:09:00 PM
Hello, thank you all for your feedback so far. At this point in time I don't have any additional information regarding these changes. If I get any further details I will be sure to communicate them with you. In the meantime please feel free to continue leaving any additional thoughts or feedback that you have.

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#595 - 2016/03/11 06:16:00 PM
Thanks for the continued feedback so far. I don't have any further update at present, but I just wanted to let you know that your feedback is still being forwarded. As you've probably seen, I raised the post cap on the thread to facilitate this.

Rest assured that once I have any additional details, I will share them with you.