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#0 - 2010/02/12 12:25:35 AM
As I understand it, massively inflated healthpools in Cataclysm will transform healing into something resembling DPS.

With tanks constantly below maximum health, it seems that the only impediment to a holy pally's ridiculous HPS potential is removed.

Incoming 50k HPS healadins demolishing 10k everything else.

Unless Blizzard plans to completely retool the other three classes into single (dual?) target HPS machines like pallies currently are, there will be little point in playing anything else.

Chain heal? Ticking HoTs? Penance? These would pale in comparison to chain casted Holy Lights on an HPS-treadmill style tank, not to mention two.

Even DPS classes with vastly higher healthpools would benefit far more from large heals than from smaller ones, simply to get them out of the danger zone faster.

I don't honestly expect Blizzard to be unaware of this, but what it suggests is further homogenization of healing classes toward single-target HPS and away from multi-target and aoe raid healing, all in the name of balance.

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#15 - 2010/02/12 05:43:31 PM
Healing in Cataclysm is a totally valid topic.

QQing already about bad assumptions is not.