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#0 - 2010/02/12 07:24:14 AM
I just recieved an e-mail claiming to be about my WoW magazine subscription asking me to confirm my address details. The e-mail came from


Hi [my name] – Thanks for your subscription order, and welcome to the World of Warcraft Official Magazine!

We want to make sure you get your copy, so please take a second and double check that the address we have for you in the box to the left is correct.

If it’s not, or if you have any other customer service inquiries, please visit us at to log into your account with the account number provided.

One last thing – please save your account details and bookmark the customer service link above as you’ll need them to get back in touch with us.

Thanks again for subscribing, if you haven’t received your first issue yet, it’s being mailed and will be with you soon!


The website address mentioned in the e-mail is clickable, but the link sends you to [Removed - Gelmkar ]. In a box to the left of the main text is my (correct) name and address details and my (incorrect) subscription number. There are also some graphics in the e-mail but my content blocker is blocking them and I don't want to activate them so I'm not sure exactly what they are.

Just thought you guys should know.

EDIT: I'm not saying this definitely is a scam e-mail, but it ticks all the boxes and is very poorly put together if it's genuine.

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#4 - 2010/02/12 04:35:29 PM

I've removed the link that was included in the first post as it was going to a fake website.

The correct link for the World of Warcraft Magazine is :

Note: that it is a common phishing tactic that the e-mail requests that you verify information, usually its down the customer to verify that their details are correct, of which you can do yourself.

You might be interested in checking out our security website, it covers some of the basics on how to secure your account and system.

Also it might be a good idea to avoid posting such links on the forums as it only encourages people to follow those links out of curiosity.