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#1 - 2015/10/15 09:41:00 AM
Hey people wouldn't it be nice if a GM came to sw and org just for having fun .
Like thay could have a event in the major cities every other week or so for example summon an Old raid boss like LK,nefarian or maybe deathwing and boost the lvl on them / and make them drop the Old mounts or some cool transmogg or whatever . That would be a blast. And the ppl in sw/ org would have something to do/ enjoy rather then just afking at the ah ;p

Ps Not talking about private servers.

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#8 - 2015/10/15 03:16:00 PM
This is a request we see crop-up from time to time. While I do appreciate that it sounds cool for a Game Master (GM) to appear in a capital city and spawn something, this would also be a very disruptive event that could ruin the gameplay experience for others. It would also somehwat break the immersion of the game if Hydross, for example, suddenly appeared in Stormwind. There is also only a finite amount of times such an event can be done before it starts being perceived as an annoyance, or loses its significance.

This is why such events are normally used to celebrate the end of Beta and the shut-down of the Beta servers; a fun once-off event that doesn't affect the live Realms in any form, but signifies the destruction of the Beta world and makes for some cool videos and screenshots.