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#0 - 2010/03/03 06:28:15 PM
In going over the post of the Cataclysm stat changes for DKs, they all seem fine EXCEPT for DW DKs, either DPS or Tank specs. Currently we are forced to use Rogue/Shaman weapons, thus in Cataclysm we will be loosing the "Mastery" from having to use the Agility weapons. Here are a few questions.

1) Will 1hand STR weapons be provided?
2) If a 1hand STR weapon is not provided, will Reforging let us remove the agility and add strength. From what I have read it will only be up to 50%?
3) Will a frost talent be added to compensate for having to use Rogue/Shaman weapons?

The last thought would be to make your Dual Wield Frost DKs more like a Furry Warrior, where we are using 2 * 2 Hand Weapons. This would leave the Rogue/Shaman weapons to the Rogues/Shamans and places us back into weapons designed for Plate wearing classes.

I do know more information will be provided as Blizzard releases more information on Cataclysm. Just wondering what other peoples thoughts and suggestions are. Maybe a blue post also. I know a lot of use die hard Frosties would like to know.

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#48 - 2010/03/04 04:55:32 AM
We will be making one-handed weapons with Strength on them.