Regional FlagWarning: LFR Archi kill messes up Crys. Fel.Source
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#1 - 2015/08/25 11:55:00 PM

There is currently a bug that I have confirmed with others, that if you kill Archimonde on LFR for the week you won't get a crystalized fel on other difficulties after killing him on LFR in that week (since lfr doesnt drop the upgrade)

I just killed him on normal and got no crystalized fel despite not getting it yet this week. I presume it may be because I killed him in LFR earlier in the day. This would have been my 4th crystlized fel in total.

Thanks, hopefully this can be fixed soon.

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#10 - 2015/08/26 04:41:00 AM
Thank you for the reports about this. We applied a hotfix earlier today to resolve the issue with Archimonde and ensure more players don’t experience it. However, there are a few of you, such as the OP, who did not receive a Crystallized Fel after killing Archimonde in Raid Finder, and then killing him again in Normal or above. We want to make this right and are currently determining the best way to go about compensating anyone affected by this bug with the missing Crystallized Fel.