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#0 - 2009/08/08 08:57:59 PM
(copied from PVP forums due to advice that it was more appropriate here.)

This completely discouraged high rated teams from playing post-patch. It is now much harder to climb the ladder due to the inability to: a) match against similar mmr teams consecutively (not neccesarily the same team twice); and b) get any match in a decent amount of time if you are high-rated.

I dont know the exact math that was changed with 3.2 to change the mmr/q system, but it has been verified by many many top ranked players and teams.

This seems like another nerf to give more pts back to the casual pvpers for winning against top players, while making the game completely unfun for the more serious arena-ers.

Furthermore, if someone had to pinpoint what part of 3.2 was most gamebreaking when released before the end of the season--this is that change. Without telling your player base of this change, you just made it so that any team which q-ed post patch is much more likely to lose glad standing, further encouraging teams to squat ratings for titles and rewards.

If this is the way to a) reward lower bracket arena players, or b) reduce the amount of wintrading--this is not the way to do it. It completely sucks the fun out of arena to constantly play teams 500-1000mmr below you, in a 30minute q...especially when there are multiple teams q-ing withing 100-200mmr of you.

(not to mention, gotta love getting a 1800mmr team when youre 2700mmr, that team having a Death Knight, and then said Death Knight using the Deathgrip>Gnaw bug to instantly Disconnect you...thx -28pts)


Thread on Arenajunkies verifying experience of top players with q/mmr system post-3.2:

To reiterate: if this change is is 100% unprofessional and inappropriate to be instated before the end of the season without notifying your player base. you cannot change the difficulty curve of getting high ratings mid season...that rewards players who dont play. And to the people who will say "QQ": read the arenajunkies post--many many players who are top ranked in the world all think the new system is broken, even if they can manage to not lose to 0-pt teams.


with mulitple bumps.

Thank you for your replies and bumps (for blizz response :/)

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#167 - 2009/08/13 12:35:32 AM
There is currently a 2-minute queue time addition to play against a team you just played against (so, 2 minutes plus normal queue time to be matched against them). This time value was 5 minutes when 3.2 was first released, but was lowered to 2 minutes in a hotfix last Friday.

The purpose of the time addition is to make it less likely that an average team doing arena games for a night isn't likely to run across the same team in many of their games for the session. We'll continue to tune the system to make sure that it doesn't feel like too much of a nuisance when there simply aren't other teams within a reasonable rating range to play against.