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#1 - 2015/07/11 07:50:00 PM
so, did anybody win? anything in that selfie contest we had a while ago?
I haven't seen any information on it at all. (and I kinded would like to know if they send any word on it yet?)
no need to answer if U don't know.

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#6 - 2015/07/13 11:32:00 PM
07/11/2015 12:50 PMPosted by Dawnsnow
so, did anybody win?

Yeah! 110 people to be exact! :) As well as the person (and guest) that won the trip to BlizzCon.

We're still finalizing some of the winners. Per the rules they have 10 days to respond to our email before we pick a new winner. Of course some people don't check their email, we pick a new winner, and sometimes they also don't check their email, etc. etc. this could go on for a long time... Plus the legal process for some of the larger ticket prizes requires physical documents being mailed back and forth. Long story short, we don't have a full final list of winners yet--although it's only a few stragglers remaining.

Instead of posting all the winner's screenshots (111 of them)--not only because it's a lot of entries to post, but also because it was a sweepstakes, and not a judgment of the best screenshots--we're going to just be posting some of our favorites. We should have that up early next week if I were to guess.