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#1 - 2015/07/03 03:02:00 AM
I know this won't be a liked thought. But I love blizz games. And so far this is the first expansion where none if my friends were happy, the forums were almost negative almost 90% of the time and each and every interview this expansion season has shown that deep down the current dev team does t get a crap. Once this expansion is over I'm going to be quitting but this is honestly my only real advice opinion but the dev/idea team needs to be fired. The art team can stay the customer service can Tay but the devs, who make the raids adds the features the class balance all those guys need to go.

Also one more thing. STOP SAYING "working on the next expansion" put some passion in the current expansion and stop trying to become the cod of mmos. The next expansion isn't going to do anything but stop complaints for a few weeks months before it becomes worse.

Anyway have a good night I'm sure I'll be banned from forums if not game for this but it's been in my chest for days. And the mumper interview only made stuff worse.

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#295 - 2015/07/06 09:45:00 PM
This forum is for constructive discussion of gameplay feedback -- what you like or do not like about the game. It's highly inappropriate, and a violation of the forum Code of Conduct, for such discussion to veer into speculation as to who at Blizzard should be held accountable as a result of design decisions with which you disagree.

This thread has been locked as a result.