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#1 - 2015/06/30 11:46:00 PM
This is a silly way to make players queue into Ashran. Playing in the Ashran area should be something I look forward to; Something I enjoy walking inside of to queue for. I didn't understand all the hatred towards the area for the longest time, until ten minutes ago.

I was in queue for over an hour. "Fine, I can just watch a few shows, or do some studying." Queue states ~ an hour for the queue, so I can keep somewhat of an eye on the screen and time. Fast forward to an Hour and Thirty into the queue. "Well, I guess I'll go downstairs to grab a drink" Get into a conversation about friends with a family member downstairs, and suddenly my mind goes "Oh! I hope I didn't miss the queue for Ashran!"

I did. And now I realized what we are all doing here to get into Ashran. Jump through hoops to get 200 Conquest Points to get the desired full cap for this week.

This, right here, is why you find many players making profane references towards the area that is known as 'Ashran'.

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#11 - 2015/07/01 01:40:00 AM
The Ashran queue times for many are far from ideal. We're constantly evaluating them and adding more servers as necessary. Due to the demand from Horde and Alliance, we just increased capacity by 50%. We'll continue to monitor the situation.