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#1 - 2015/06/27 04:03:00 PM
Logged in today to see all my game time tokens back in my mailbox, so even tho they dont say they have a duration on them they really do secretly because they can just pop them back into your mailbox so they will disapear in 30 days. I have a friend who bought abunch of tokens and is taking a break, boy is he going to be upset when he comes back to a years worth of subtime gone lol. Anyways thank you blizzard for trying to screw us.

If you value it at the 20 dollars it costs to buy the token for players to sell, this is a 240 dollar theft

Link to the bug report thread:

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#142 - 2015/06/29 01:07:00 AM
06/27/2015 09:07 AMPosted by Rhorix
The issue isnt mail experiation. If you keep the game time tokens in your inventory or your bank they will take them out of your bags and put them back in the mailbox. This just happened to me today on every single character I had game time tokens on, on multiple servers.

Thanks for the bug report. Not personally aware of it, but we will certainly look into the cause if someone isn't already.

To be clear: WoW Tokens cannot be deleted, expired, or in any other way removed. They should never be removed from your inventory (the bug you're reporting) but even if they are they'll always be mailed back to you until they're used.