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#1 - 2015/06/25 05:07:00 AM
This has been a hot topic for a couple of days now. Does anyone else agree that we need a new PvP developer to better represent the PvP community?

We all pay Blizzard a lot of money so of course we expect them to listen to us.

Please leave constructive feedback.

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#59 - 2015/06/26 09:43:00 PM
This forum is for discussing Ashran gameplay. You're welcome to share what you like, or don't like, about Ashran in a civil manner, so that your peers in the community can weigh in with their points of view and we can review the feedback.

However, calling out specific employees in any fashion in your feedback to assign blame isn't constructive -- it's a violation of our posting guidelines and won't be tolerated. Players using this tactic to express their discontent will be removed from the forums and their posts will be deleted.

Thanks for your consideration.