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#1 - 2015/06/24 02:27:00 AM
Then you wonder why blizzard doesn't listen to you? You are the minority.

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#16 - 2015/06/24 02:48:00 AM
06/23/2015 07:27 PMPosted by Bosswolf
Then you wonder why blizzard doesn't listen to you?

Wait wait wait, I thought we caved to complaints too much!? We can't both ignore all complaints from our castle on top of Mount Wedeci'dewutsphun, AND also cave in to all complaints. Can we? :)

Maybe the truth is somewhere in between, and that we value constructive feedback, and can admit mistakes, and grow from them, and that we value and enjoy the ability to create entertainment, and honestly striving to make a fun and positive gaming experience.

Any patch day is certain to have a lot of hotfixes being made based on feedback, aaaaand also probably a lot of nonconstructive posts too I guess. We can try to moderate more of those. :)