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#1 - 2015/06/20 05:35:00 AM
Last week we released the ultimate game tribute book, The Art of World of Warcraft, on the Gear Store. In addition, as a show of appreciation for you many fine folk, as well as those who dedicate themselves to supporting this community, we provided a collection of copies of this beautiful book to the below sites to give away.

Some of these giveaways are ending in very short measure, so be sure to enter now for your chance at scoring a free copy!

In the ten years since its inception, World of Warcraft has revolutionized the role-playing genre, creating the immense world of Azeroth and filling it with iconic characters and legendary weapons and environments. Featuring interviews with key developers and telling the complete story of the game’s evolution, this fully illustrated book vibrantly displays the renowned artwork at the heart of the franchise. Including never-before-seen art from the latest World of Warcraft expansion, Warlords of Draenor, The Art of World of Warcraft contains hundreds of drawings and pieces of concept art, forming the ultimate tribute to the epic gaming franchise.

You can always purchase your copy on the Gear Store too. For a limited time it's 25% off!