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#1 - 2015/06/18 09:12:00 PM
I ask myself why we don't see very many new people in this game. Then I look at places like the AH. I want to tell all of you crazy greedy people how lucky I was to have even 40 gold in Vanilla on my main at level 40.

I go and look at the AH and Light Leather is 194 gold for a stack of 20 , and Medium Leather is 97 gold for a stack of 20. That might be okay for stacks of 200 but not 20. How can any new player look at this struggling to level professions and want to keep playing? Leveling is fast yes but when they need this stuff they don't have the gold for it.

Too many greedy people trying to make money on the AH. I can't even try to do something nice like toss things up cheap. Jerks buy it right up and re-post it higher. Happens all the time because I am not trying to get rich.

Blizzard you need to get some control over this games economy. Just like any other game it is a turn off when you feel like you can never catch up or get to equal footing with other players. Things are out of control.

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#31 - 2015/06/18 11:08:00 PM
06/18/2015 02:12 PMPosted by Strúck
I go and look at the AH and Light Leather is 194 gold for a stack of 20

But then a new player could quite easily get 20 Light Leather and make 194 gold by selling it, right? :) An inflated market isn't too much of an issue, even for brand new players, when the commodities being bought and sold are infinite in availability and accessible by everyone. Low level players in some cases are even at an advantage, as materials they easily come across by simply playing the game content they are being directed towards is sought after by higher level players, or those with more wealth than time to seek it out.