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#1 - 2015/06/14 03:46:00 AM

I've camped the darkmoon rabbit probably more than I should have since WoD came out. I was pleasantly surprised to find his spawn time reduced from maybe 1-2 days down to at least 6-8 hours (from what I personally have seen on my realm). Thank you for that.

When darkmoon rabbit groups form, you really get to see the evil in some players. I was in about 12 darkmoon rabbit groups for this week's faire. All of my rolls for the groups that played fairly were crap! Such is life.

I've had a few bad eggs from some of those raids. Ninja looters, booting from the raid at a low HP % from the raid leader/assists, the rabbit himself despawning during fight and to pop back up 4 minutes later to be tagged by another team, etc.

However, I had a new problem come up this week:

I found the rabbit on my realm, made a group to 5 man it, invited a really high ilvl tank/healer (700 to be exact), and the fun began.... He/she instantly dropped group while tagging the rabbit and began to SOLO the rabbit the entire fight. It left me and the raid members in transit without a tag. He was phased and belonged to another realm. This wasn't the first time he/she did it (I've seen group finder warnings for same person) and it won't be the last.

I ask that you PLEASE make the rabbit hit harder as so no one can solo this rabbit--otherwise what happened to me will continue to happen to other folks. Especially when 6.2 comes out and everyone gets closer to ilvl 700, we'll see many tanks do the same process.

Thank you.

Edit: updated title to say "Darkmoon Rabbit - exploit (ish)"

Edit 2 on 7/5/15:
They made some updates to the rabbit! He is now on open tag which is a plus. However, I'm getting conflicting reports about whether the loot is personal or first to loot the rabbit gets the BoE pet. If the later, will definitely need to change to personal loot if possible because a certain device will let people get it before the others. At least we won't have tanks soloing it with 100% chance. Thanks Blizz--now let's just fine tune him.

Edit 3 on 7/7/15:
I have personally confirmed that it is first to loot. I really don't think this was their intention. Personal loot is the way to go. Until it gets changed to personal loot, to make it "fair" for you, buy a Findle's Loot-A-Rang and spam it right before bunny's death. Good luck

Edit 4 on 10/6/15:
I've been MIA for a while in this game, but I can personally confirm that the rabbit is now personal loot. I saw in one kill 3 people get the rabbit. It's no longer group loot or first to loot. Thanks blizz for making this change. We're going to start seeing more rabbits populate the lands... :-)

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#36 - 2015/06/17 12:58:00 AM
Darkmoon Rabbit has a deadly bite! Are you finding that they are not taking damage during the fight?

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#51 - 2015/06/17 01:44:00 AM
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Darkmoon Rabbit has a deadly bite! Are you finding that they are not taking damage during the fight?

First--thank you so much for the reply! =)

This monk tank had over 420k HP and never went below half health the entire fight. He survived every bit of damage that the darkmoon rabbit dished out to him. I don't know much about the mechanics of being a monk tank, but he would broadcast /s "Guard up" and it would broadcast when Guard was down.

No one was healing him either. Just straight up tank vs the darkmoon rabbit.

Do you think it would be possible to buff the rabbit so tanks (and maybe some other classes) can't solo him?

Thanks for the info! We'll take a closer look at this and consider some potential solutions. :)