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#1 - 2015/06/13 01:07:00 AM

^Video in the launcher for those who don't know.

As a HUGE fan of the Timeless Isle, with all of the random Toys and Treasures, this place will suite me greatly. Dare I say it, I'm actually pretty excited! Lots of those Toys look really awesome!

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#9 - 2015/06/13 01:48:00 AM
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Zone looks cool, the mounts don't except the 150K Apexis one.

At least there will be lots of content there. Are we able to fly there though, or will it be like Timeless Isle where it's ground mounts only?

We will be able to fly there. They said they will soon see us in (and above) Tanaan Jungle in the post.

Yes, once you earn Draenor Pathfinder and we release the 6.2.x patch to which Ion referred in the watercooler, you'll be able to fly in Tanaan Jungle as well.