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#1 - 2015/06/08 03:37:00 PM
Anyone find an odd place or location while exploring mountain peaks or an ocean valley?

I found one in the lake between Shadowmoon Valley and Talador. In order to get here you will need Aviana's feather.

There is a boat on the shore with chains in it. If you go into the lake there is a skeleton chained to a large ball. Presumably someone killed this Draeneii and i want to know who and why!

If anyone has any other clues or ideas let me know. Or if you find any other strange places.

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#18 - 2015/06/08 06:33:00 PM
I've really enjoyed exploring all of the underwater vistas just off the coasts of the various Draenor zones.

Many years ago, I won my Hook of the Master Angler fair and square -- on a PvP realm, no less! -- and I've put it to more use in Draenor than ever before.