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#1 - 2015/05/04 05:08:00 PM
Dear Blizzard,
I am currently holding your Keurig coffee machine hostage! Unless my demands are meet I will deliver to you one empty cup of pre-packaged coffee grinds per day! I shall start with your Dark roast and then clear out all the Duncan dounuts brand!
Unless you wish to overpay for your coffee or slowly drift into coffee deprivation madness you will heed my list of demands! Just a few small things….

1) The new Blingtron series shall be modeled after headinizim bott from furturama.
2) The gear that is sold for cash at the venders shall be removed from the loot list of VOA!
3) The Macro Icons shall be sorted and put under the same system that organized the trade skills. I do not wish finding a cool macro icon to take 3 hours!
4) We currently have the ability change our loot table to off-spec items. NOW I wish a new gear spec to be given to items that can be transmogged. AKA my rogue may actually want the druid leather or the war swords in LFR because they look cool! This goes for past LFR’s as well.
5) I want the clothing/flower venders in town to randomly carry cool cosmetic gear. So I have a reason to visit them. I want you to actually start to use and make more cosmetic GEAR!
6) I want see thru cloaks. I know you can do it, I’ve seen it!
7) Once you finish a quest line you should be able to re-buy all the gear that was gained by that quest whenever you wish off of the NPC who is associated with that quest line. I don’t want to have to hold back from doing quests because I cannot afford to bank the cool looking gear!
8) Attach achievement flags to the toys in the toy box. This way ALL toys can GO in the toy box and NONE are sitting in my bags.
9) Put an achievement box to check off in the LFG system. This why achievement hunters can be linked up with their own kind and not annoy the rest of us.
10) I demand a TOY that summons a outhouse that I can use.
11) Make all holiday drops cosmetic BOA items. Lets face it holiday items are NEVER an upgrade anymore.
12) Give Dreanei girls need horn bling!
13) I wish for that guy with the large mount that roams around my garrison like he owns the place to be eaten by a large plant! Then I wish to give that plant a place of honor in my garrison garden. I wish for this plant to be called Audry 3!
14) I wish to change the colors on my hair accessories to match my armor…make it happen!
15) I wish invisible bracers and belts for use by everyone! DK’s only?! that’s not fair!
16) You will go thru EVERY armor set and insert the means to complete each set into the game. See wowhead for a quick guide to what your missing!
17) Make the names and health bars over NPC’s head adjust size and opacity in relation to their distance from you. AKA Ctrl V is a eye sore that I have to leave off and I shouldn’t have too. Addons do make it better but not by much.

These are my demands, they really shouldn’t take that long (hehe). BTW I have also kidnapped a few of your interns but I doubt you care about those. Remember the Coffee!…If you want it back you will do everything on this list!

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#73 - 2015/05/04 08:54:00 PM
The coffee must flow. ಠ_ಠ