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#1 - 2015/04/25 03:28:00 PM
that over 90+% of the player base will never see? Not because the content is too hard or challenging, but because it is gated behind achievements and feats of strength.

Let me explain what i mean.

the list continues.

Forget about getting into a "mythic guild" unless you have logs for like your entire warcraftt history, and go through an application process much more rigorous than any job I have ever applied for.

Why gate progression and content behind achievements blizzard? Don't you see this is killing your player base?

Too mythic players. I have seen so many articles coming from "top end guilds" about how hard it is to find "new players" to join their roster after someone quits/joins another guild. Keep making it an all-boys club where you have to be in the club to join the club hahahaha. I can see how frustrating it is to new or returning players coming back to the game and trying to get back into raiding or pvping or whatever you want to do when you cant join a group for it because you don't have the achievement. Thank God you can go to a website like fakewowachivement and get a script to fake the achievement otherwise new players would just instantly quit and unsub as soon as hitting 100.

The largest problem with this is that "achievements" are only a "requirement" for raiding or pvping because they are a SOLD commodoty on the black market. let me explain

There is tons of "guilds" that offer services such as heroic and mythic carries, or pvp achievements tittles for x amount of dollars. Blizzard knows that this is happening, and does nothing to stop it, and even worse blizzard doesn't step in when their EULA gets stepped on by high end guild account sharing, and exploiting server transfers / black market auction house to break the progression race.

I hope blizzard does some heavy soul searching and changes for the next expansion to not only the pre-made group finder (example being able to report people for wanting outrageous ilvl requirements etc) or having "pre-made finder" be automatic invites and automatically invites 2 tanks and 1 healer per 5 players in the group. As well as removing achievements from the game that have a negative impact on player behavior.

In closing, all i would like to say is if there is no changes done to the game to affect negative player behavior the player base will keep shrinking until "mythic raiders" have no one left to play with. There is something seriously wrong with the game, if you have to commit fraud to convince people to let you join their group.

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#20 - 2015/04/26 01:29:00 AM
There used to be many more literal gates in the form of attunements you'd have to accomplish in order to access content. And in those days there wasn't a group finder to help you search for people running the dungeons you want to run, much less give you the tools to more easily find and lead a group yourself. We don't condone or support all forms of social behavior when it comes to group content, but we do try to provide players with as many tools as possible to make group content more accessible than it ever has been.

And we do still largely leave it up to players to decide how they want to form their groups, and whether they want to be more exclusive or inclusive. We don't necessarily want to overly dictate the choices players have, or don't have, for forming raid groups.

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#43 - 2015/04/26 02:00:00 AM
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This is player-created gating because pugs don't want to spend time teaching people the fights. Blizzard didn't gate the content.

If you want to "see" the content, there's LFR. Aside from mythic Imp, there's no difference story-wise that I'm aware of just because you're doing a fight on a harder difficulty.

Blizzard is perfectly able to remove the gate. AOTC disappears, along with the ability to track someone's kills in norm/heroic without being b-net friends. People start going on word again; if it's obvious that your word is no good...then peace. For as long as Blizzard allows AOTC and the ability to view someone's kills, they will always be partially responsible for the gates.

When we're talking about social behavior, players will always find a way to screen candidates as is relevant to their interests. As systems and social features have evolved in the game over the years, so too have screening techniques.

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op is just a casual