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#1 - 2015/04/10 01:54:00 AM
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#25 - 2015/04/10 03:25:00 AM
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$750 is a months rent so.... I won't be going:(

AHAHHAHA.... not for someone who owns a nice 5 bed rooms house with glass doors, with 3 bathrooms... with glass doors, 2 living rooms + glass doors, 1 kitchen and glass doors, and a nice grassy backyard w/ swimming pool... swimming pool with surface reflection like glass doors.... and still with around 46 Million dollars left in the bank. say, Chris Brown or Kanye West. You'd think they'd hesitate to pull the trigger on 750$? to them, it's like to you buying 10$ wing ding dinner at some local Italian restaurant. Someone like that prolly say "LOL, I got away with a steal, de'ze fool should've charged 4000$".

The Hilton Anaheim -- where the benefit dinner is held -- has, I think, an appropriate amount of glass doors to your specifications.