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#1 - 2015/04/03 02:14:00 PM
I'm sick of you ruining our fun all the time...

Fortunately my subscription end today, guess what you wont get more $ from me.

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#24 - 2015/04/03 05:13:00 PM
04/03/2015 09:40 AMPosted by Cherrise
04/03/2015 09:32 AMPosted by Monknificent
It was because you could spam it. You can battle the daily pet over and over.

The Erris fight daily, which was added after the pet menagerie nerf, is only available to one character per account per day. It was not possible to spam it or even repeat it the same day. It is no different than any other pet tamer daily in the entire game world, only for some reason, they felt the need to sneak in an experience nerf.

There was an exploit where you could leave the fight at the last possible moment, receive the quest XP, but not complete the quest, and it was being used to great effect by those that were aware of the bug. As it's technically an exploit it's not something we generally add to our hotfix notes. Fixing the core issue isn't possible until a client patch, and so in the meantime we lowered the reward substantially. With the fix in an upcoming patch we'll raise the XP reward back up again too.