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#1 - 2015/03/22 08:46:00 AM
Taken from, and it blows my mind. Once again when a Dev is hit with hard questions, 90% of the answers begin with something to dispute or brush off the asker's questions.

I understand you want to hear from "average pvpers/non-pvpers" (whatever you consider those to be). But really...both sides have said PvP is unbalanced and no fun. What is so difficult about simply accepting that fact instead of trying to cover it with snarky replies that do nothing to answer the questions?

I essentially saw the answers presented to the askers in the post as a giant middle finger from the Devs, sorry. I almost feel trolled...

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Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment

Heroes and WoW PvP

Masochist tweet of the night: Do you play WoW and Heroes of the Storm but you don't PvP in WoW? I'd love to hear why. (holinka)

because you can't balance WoW PvP worth anything, man. its no fun mongo training healers
As much as people want to blame balance (and me) many don't get to the point where they could form a proper opinion about it. (holinka)

He just did, but you just ignored it because you're more worried about answering soft-balls, like gear differences.

The people I'm talking about are the average WoW player, not someone who has poured hours into arena. (holinka)

It takes a long time playing a game to develop familiarity enough to say "I don't like the balance here." (holinka)

I've played World of Warcraft since 2009, Holinka. I've been a competitive PVPer for 3 years. I think I understand.
Right, you have a lot of experience. He's asking the people who *aren't* experienced why they don't. (Celestalon)
If you've been a competitive PvPer for 3 years, my original question was not directed at you. (holinka)

Yes, and perhaps the SAME ISSUES that we hate are the reason? It isn't FUN.
We get a lot of feedback from PvPers about PvP. That's awesome, and we continuously work to improve on those issues. (Celestalon)
But we don't get as much feedback from people who *don't* PvP at all about why not. It's an interesting topic. (Celestalon)

Should probably try acting on the feedback of the people who do PvP first. That would be progress already
We already have a process for that. It just doesn't involve twitter. (holinka)

I like in Heroes that I can change my character every game, in WoW if I want to PvP as another class I have to level/gear up fully
good feedback thanks (holinka)

heroes is more balanced than wow pvp

I know hardcore people will jump on this but I don't think it's the reason for the average player. (holinka)

And then the replies the Devs DID like get a simple "good feedback, thx." Why was it good feedback? What will it help you to improve on in the future?

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#388 - 2015/03/24 12:58:00 AM
03/22/2015 02:10 AMPosted by Cunning
The question was laid out in a way that was pretty damn clear that he did not (for this particular question) want to hear the opinions of people who PvP, but rather wanted to hear the opinions of people who do not PvP on why they don't.

That seems smack dab on.

There're plenty a pitchforks that need wavin' about, but this don't seem to be a righteous place ta be wavin' 'em.